Film is Not Dead

Nowadays we take for granted the ability to take numerous images with our digital cameras until we are happy, so I really love to challenge myself from time to time by getting out my film camera and really taking my time over the composition. When you know that every frame counts as it can’t be re-taken you really do put more effort into getting it right in-camera.

This series is actually from two years ago but I still love looking at them. Mark and I went to Sorrento for the second time in April 2015, I went armed with my DSLR and my analogue camera with colour film. I took over 200 images with my DSLR which to this day remain unedited, I just loved the tones from this one roll of film so much!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m unlikely to rock up to a baby shoot with a film camera – I take my hat off to those photographers who only ever photographed babies or weddings with a film camera because they are so fast paced most of the time – but I will continue to make an effort to “get it right” first time, looking back at my film projects will only serve as a reminder. But I do think that on my next holiday I might leave my DSLR at home. You just can’t beat the tones of film. And hey, I’ll always have my iPhone right?!


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