May & Alice at Bath City Farm

Those of you that follow me on facebook and instagram may have already seen my “Sad Ballerina” image of the beautiful Alice taken back in January (right).I recently met up with Alice again, this time with her twin sister May and their mum and dad. We spent the afternoon at Bath City Farm which is a place I would definitely recommend if you have young children (or just love animals!) and live fairly nearby.
We fed the goats, pigs and chickens and then played in the sandpit before May and Alice finished off with a family portrait and a picnic.
A family session is a great way to document your little ones as they grow up. It can be at home, at one of your favourite places or even somewhere you’ve never been but have always fancied.
My approach is natural and unobtrusive with only minimal direction if I think it will make the best out of the moment.
If you are interested in a family session contact me for more information 🙂
Check out May & Alice’s gallery below.

May&Alice-1 May&Alice-161 May&Alice-160 May&Alice-159 May&Alice-157 May&Alice-153 May&Alice-150 May&Alice-149 May&Alice-145 May&Alice-144 May&Alice-141 May&Alice-138 May&Alice-136 May&Alice-135 May&Alice-130 May&Alice-129 May&Alice-123 May&Alice-120 May&Alice-117 May&Alice-113 May&Alice-112 May&Alice-111 May&Alice-110 May&Alice-108 May&Alice-107 May&Alice-106 May&Alice-105 May&Alice-104 May&Alice-102 May&Alice-97 May&Alice-95 May&Alice-93 May&Alice-91 May&Alice-89 May&Alice-86 May&Alice-83 May&Alice-81 May&Alice-79 May&Alice-78 May&Alice-77 May&Alice-75 May&Alice-73 May&Alice-70 May&Alice-68 May&Alice-67 May&Alice-66 May&Alice-64 May&Alice-63 May&Alice-52 May&Alice-50 May&Alice-49 May&Alice-47 May&Alice-44 May&Alice-40 May&Alice-36 May&Alice-35 May&Alice-32 May&Alice-29 May&Alice-28 May&Alice-27 May&Alice-25 May&Alice-24 May&Alice-19 May&Alice-18 May&Alice-17 May&Alice-16 May&Alice-2

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